UFS Overview

Universal Flash Storage (UFS) is the next generation, high-performance Non-Volatile storage standard maintained by JEDEC.


UFS Device

We are developing the next generation UFS 2.0 Device Controller IP and is the most advanced IP for embedded.


UFS Verification IP

UFS is an advanced protocol which combines the performance of Solid State Drive (SSD) and eMMC for the Mobile Platform.


UFS Virtual Prototype

Virtual Prototype(VP) is concept in which the Software team need not wait for the actual Hardware (RTL/Silicon) to be ready.

About Us

3D-IP Semiconductors is selected by TIE-Bangalore, Anthah Prerana 2014 program as one of the “top 30” start-up companies (out of 300+ companies) based in India in the Software, Internet, Electronics etc. space. 3D-IP was chosen on the basis of its product, team and the potential impact of the idea.

3D-IP Semiconductors

The top management and the rest of the technical team has decades of in-depth experience, knowledge and expertise in NAND Flash Technology, IP Controller, fabrication process technology, Software and these skills will be used for UFS development.

UFS compared to e-MMC (embedded Multi Media Controller), drives a significant boost in performance . Key benefits of our UFS solution is

  • Produce a best-in-class user experience such as for browsing and video stream
  • Improves the data transfer speed which impacts the application load time, response time and task switching in tablets and smartphones
  • Improves the new media applications such as high frame-rate video, panoramic images and real-time image in digital cameras

For our Memory Development Group, we are hiring candidates having 3-7 years’ of experience in the Memory Compiler development and the work will be Memory Architecture Design in advance process technology nodes (65nm/45nm/28nm process technologies).

Why Connect with Us

  • Develop high quality Semiconductor Chips in latest technologies.
  • Target customers based in US, Europe, JAPAC, India. Envisage to be a Multi-Million $ Company.
  • Center of Excellence(CoE) for IC Design. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), robust IP Portfolio.